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Why would anyone want to practice in a mobile office?

Access to care is a major problem facing dentistry today. Many recall when the U.S. Surgeon General gave a failing grade to the level of dental disease in this country, and reported that the number one reason children visit the school nurse is for dental pain. Access to care issues became even more noticeable after the death of a young Medicaid-eligible patient due to a dental-related condition.


Enter the mobile dental clinic. The dentist and staff can arrive at a facility where the patients are already located, such as a school, community center, elder care facility, or manufacturing facility. The patients are treated on site with minimal interruption of their day or without the complex logistical issues surrounding transportation of the elderly and disabled. More patients can receive care who might otherwise go without or receive only symptomatic care.

Healing America One Mile at a Time.

Impact Report

Currently, there are an estimated 2,000 mobile clinics located across the country, representing all states and the Washington, DC.  Services include primary care, preventive screening, disease management, behavioral health, dental care, pre-natal care, and pediatric care. Addressing the triple aim of patient outcomes, quality and cost, we find:

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  • Mobile clinics are improving access to care with up to 6.5 million visits annually. Mobile clinics mainly serve the uninsured (60%) and the publically insured (31%), and generally operate in low-income communities.
  • Overall, mobile health clinics in the United States are getting more bang for their buck in providing quality care at a lower cost. The average return on Investment for mobile health is 12:1. That means for every $1 spent, $12 are saved.
  • Mobile Clinics provide cost-effective prevention services that help people live long and healthy lives. On average each mobile health clinic saves 65 quality adjusted life years every year of operation. This means that each visit they save on average $1,600 due to this prevention.
  • Mobile Clinics provide accessible care at a cheaper cost to the healthcare system than Emergency Department visits. It is estimated that each mobile clinic results in 600 fewer Emergency Department visits every year. This means that each visit to a mobile clinic saves on average $200 (approximately one fifth of an emergency visit).